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Intellectual property legal services

Every business has intellectual property assets worth protecting.

We provide legal services covering the acquisition, commercialisation, registration and enforcement of trade marks, designs, copyright and trade secrets relating to goods and services in a range of industries and markets.

We work with our clients to develop, manage and protect their intellectual property portfolios - our work ranges from trade mark and design registrations, negotiating all IP-related transactions and documentation, structuring, negotiating and implementing complex sourcing and strategic alliances, to litigation management in conjunction with local and overseas Counsel.


We coordinate our clients' anti-counterfeiting efforts in conjunction with global Customs agencies, law enforcement, private investigators, and our network of international associates. We are instrumental in combating any loss our clients suffer when someone steers consumers to purchase pirated or knock-off goods.

We also monitor the retail space to enhance protection for our clients' products and maintain their brand integrity.

Brands + designs

We have extensive experience registering and enforcing various types of intellectual property rights to combat brand abuse both in Australia and elsewhere.

Monetising ideas

IP commercialisation takes many forms, including franchising, licensing, distribution, outsourcing, work for hire agreements, joint ventures and partnerships. We help our clients leverage their ideas and intellectual property assets to generate new revenue streams, strengthen strategic control over profits, safeguard investments, and reduce their risk exposure to grey market sales of counterfeit goods.

Global reach

We manage our clients’ global IP portfolios with direct involvement on substantive issues, while delegating and overseeing the handling of jurisdiction-specific matters to experienced local counsel. This approach ensures that we deliver the highest quality service while remaining cost-efficient. We have a network of IP lawyers in jurisdictions throughout the Asia-Pacific region, the UK, Ireland and Europe, Canada and the USA. From the smallest matter to “bet the company” IP litigation, we can work with you to deliver results.


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